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  • An illustrated history of Steamships


    This heavilly illustrated book, the early origins and developments of the steamship are explained, and the total history, right up to the present day is illustrated with engravings and many fine photographs.

  • Natural Gas by Sea


    The development of a New Technology. How it was developed.

  • Steam and Sail in Britain and North America


    This is an important illustrated survey about the experiments with steam and the first Naval warships. For anyone interested in maritime history, especially Naval techniques, this will become a continually source of reference and enjoyment.

  • The Ship – Steam Steel and Torpedoes


    The Ship is a unique series of ten books about the development of merchant vessels and specialized vessels of war, from the earliest times to the present day. Steam steel and torpedos is the eighth book of the seies and deals with the development of the warship in the 19th century.