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  • A Heritage of Ships – A Regional Guide


    More than 20 museums are covered in detail,each chapter is illustrated with a wealth of unusual photographs.

  • Above us the waves – The story of Midget submarines and Human torpedoes


    It was the Italians who pioneered the use of two-man human torpedoes or ‘chariots’, and their attacks on ships of the Royal Navy in Alexandria Harbour in 1941 caused Winston Churchill to write to the Chief of Staffs committee to enquire what was being done to emulate these daring attacks. The result was the development of British ‘chariots’ which were regarded as stop-gaps until the X-craft or midget submarines could be deployed.

  • American Gunboats and Minesweepers


    This large format book lists all auxiliary escort vessels of the U.S. Navy in WW2, including ex-British corvettes, the famous “Eagle” boats of WW1, and converted fishing craft and yachts. Provides specifications of the various vessels, together with details of each vessel’s launch date, builder and fate.

  • An illustrated history of Steamships


    This heavilly illustrated book, the early origins and developments of the steamship are explained, and the total history, right up to the present day is illustrated with engravings and many fine photographs.

  • Armored Ships


    The ships, their settings and the ascendancy that they sustained for 80 years.

  • Battlecruiser Invincible – The history of the first battlecruiser 1909 – 16


    Biography of the first Royal Navy ship of her type, following her adventures to the point in the Battle of Jutland when she perished in spectacular style under a hail of German shells.

  • Battleships of World War Two – An International Encyclopedia


    Complete coverage of design, modifications, technical data, and service history, for WW2 battleships from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan. The Soviet Union, Sweden, Turkey and the USA Illustrated in black-and-white with over 250 photographs and line drawings

  • Before the Aircraft Carrier – The Development of Aviation Vessels 1849-1922


    Describes by particulars and brief histories the surface craft that over a span of 73 years were employed experimentally or operationally in efforts to adapt aerial devices to the service of naval warfare. The book follows the successful approach of the Conway’s FIghting ships series divided by country with general introductions followed by tabular data and histories of all the ships. Illustrated with some very rare photos of these little known vessels and their aircraft.

  • Before the Dreadnought


    The role of the Royal Navy as policeman of the world, involved it in a number of brushfire wars, anti-slavery expeditions and flag waving exercises. Naval brigades fought at Sevastopol during the relief of Lucknow, against the Maoris in New Zealand and the Boers in South Africa. Naval gunboats patrolled the Zambezi, the Yangtse and the Red sea and served against the Dervishes on the Nile.

  • Britain & The Sea


    Britain has proud maritime heitage encompassing the impressive history of the Royal Navy, as well as the contributionmade by civilian seafarers over the years. Yet rather than dwelling on the past, the focus of this book goesbyond the current horizon and embraces the advances that have been made. This book is an impressive size and weighs 4.5kg!

  • British Warships 1914-1919


    Lists every British and Dominion warship in service at the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914, together with those built or ordered up to the end of the war in November 1918. This comprehensive record includes every type of vessel from battleship down to drifters, harbour vessels and other small craft.

  • British Warships and Auxiliaries 1979


    A guide to the ships and aircraft of the fleet including photos and illustrations as well as the weapons.

  • British Warships and Auxiliaries 1998


    A guide to the ships and aircraft of the fleet including photos and illustrations as well as the weapons.

  • British Warships and Auxiliaries 2001


    A guide to the ships and aircraft of the fleet including photos and illustrations as well as the weapons.

  • British Warships since 1945 – Minesweepers


    Whilst the content of this book only covers minesweepers since World War 2 the history of these ships, that have had a vital but unsung role is given in a brief history.

  • Carrier – A guided tour of an Aircraft Carrier


    A rare insider’s look at life aboard the greatest weapon ever created…the aircraft carrier.Tom Clancy is your guide on a mind-blowing tour of the US Navy’s crown jewel, meeting its crew, viewing its aircraft and understanding why it dominates the high seas. Floating cities manned by thousands, aircraft carriers are the lynchpin of any military strategy, for the air superiority they enable has been the key to every battle fought since World War I

  • Cockleshell Heroes


    Account of the raid on shipping in the German occupied harbour of Bordeaux in December 1942, Operation Frankton, by a team of Royal Marines using ‘cockles’ (kayak-type canoes) to gain access and then attaching limpet mines – only 2 of the team of 10 survived but six ships were put out of action

  • Convoy! – Drama in Arctic Waters


    A freshly researched, exciting history of the hard fought wartime convoys to Russia, emphasising the bitter struggle to get material through and desperate attacks by German aircraft and U-boats to prevent it.

  • Cruisers of the Royal and Commonwealth Navies


    Provides descriptions and comprehensive details of all the cruisers in service with the Royal and Commonwealth navies from the first generation cruisers built in 1879 to the Tiger class., the last British cruisers that were built. Every cruiser is covered with concise details of its history and eventual fate. Profusely illustrated with photographs.

  • Destroyer & Preserver – The story of HMS Middleton & Her ships company


    Drawing on official records and the vivid and often humorous recollections of over 60 members of the ships company, the author- him self a member of the crew – provides an absorbing and well researched account of life in a small destroyer.

  • Devonport built warships since 1860


    In August 1689 the Admiralty raised the possibility of building a dry dock somewhere within the Devonport harbour limits. From its inception, ships were being refitted in the new Dockyard and within twelve months, the first two Devonport Warships built had been launched. Many, many more followed – including some illustrious and historic names HMS ROYAL OAK, HMS WARSPITE and HMS EXETER. The last warship to be launched at Devonport was the frigate HMS SCYLLA, launched in 1968 and completed in 1969. The last large vessel to come off the slip was the Research Vessel Crystal, launched in 1971.

  • Emma – Lady Hamilton


    This detailed biography examines the extraordinary woman who became famous as the lover of Lord Nelson, from her ordinary beginnings in England to her last years in and out of debtor’s prison

  • Experiences of War – The British Sailor


    In the flood of literature on the Second World War at sea. the ‘other ranks’ – seamen, naval airmen, submariners, stokers, writers, sick bay ‘tiffies, supply ratings, ‘sparkers’, ‘bunting tossers’, all the ‘ordinary men who filled the lower deck of the Royal Navy and Merchant Navies.

  • Fighting Ships Of the World – An illustrated encyclopedia


    he last 40 years of development and modern shipbuilding. Over 400 classes of warships described. From the Abdiel, a fast minelayer of the Royal Navy to the Zulu, a Soviet attack submarine class.