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  • The Complete Encyclopedia of Warships 1798-2006


    This book comprises some 125 warship types, from the start of powered warship design to the modern giants of global power projection. The warships described here are illustrated by the celebrated technical artist John Batchelor, and their stories are outlined by the well known military and technical historian Christopher Chant. A number of stamps and rare photographs are also included to complete the illustration of these magnificent vessels and their place in history.

  • The Dreadnoughts (Time Life Series)


    Chapters include -A Teutonic challenge to Britannia’s rule (Training for a new era of ships without sails) –The fabulous fleet that Jack built (Artful appeals to a nation at war) –The long wait for Armageddon (Mine warfare: seeds of death planted in the sea) –A fierce skirmish of scouts at Jutland –A duel of dreadnoughts: 50 minutes of fury (The drama of Jutland through a German’s eyes) –Dishonor and suicide for the Kaiser’s Navy.

  • The Fleet Air Arm in focus – Part one


    Photo album, one view per page with extended caption. This is not a history but an attempt to capture something of the spirit of the Fleet Air Arm through a collection of photographs put together over a number of years.

  • The German Navy in World War Two – A refrence to the Kriegsmarine


    Illustrated with over 330 photographs and drawings, this invaluable compendium provides a basic refrence guide to the ships, organization,commands and rank structure, leaders and uniforms of the Kriegsmarine

  • The Grand Scuttle -The Sinking of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919


    The remarkable story of the scuttling of the German archive material, eye-witness accounts and the recollections of survivors as well as many contemporary photos which capture the awesome spectacle of the finest ships of the time being deliberately sunk by their own crew.

  • The Great Britain


    Story of the SS Great Britain, launched in 1844, the first iron ship, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Photos & drawings in text.

  • The Great Naval Race – Anglo-German Naval Rivalry 1900-1914


    The dramatic story of the deadly competition in Dreadnought battleships between Great Britain and Imperial Germany in the years before the First World War.

  • The history of ships


    The fascinating story of ships through the ages and the people who built them and sailed in them, 250 colour photographs, 12 superb reconstructions of milestone vessels

  • The History of Ships Bernard Ireland


    A Comprehensive history and refrence work in 1 volume, chronicling the development of world shipping.

  • The Illustrated Directory of Warships From 1860 to the Present


    Illustrated details of all major aircraft carriers. Battleships battlescruisers cruisers destroyers and escorts from 1860 to the present (2001 in this case) More than 400 warships described in details. Over 440 photos.

  • The International Register of Historic Ships


    Sponsored by the world ship trust, it is the most comprehensive listing of surviving historic ships ever published

  • The Iron Ship


    The story of Brunel’s ‘Great Britain’, first vessel to embody all the elements of the modern ship in one hull: metal construction, steam-driven screw propeller,and large size aimed at good economics

  • The Life and Death of HMS Hood


    The story of the celebrated HMS Hood, a mighty but older warship, and her sinking by the newer German Bismark, which shocked Britain.

  • The Sea Chaplains – A History of the Chaplains of the Royal Navy


    The colourful story of the Chaplains of the Royal Navy from the earliest times to the ‘Cod War’ in 1976. Also in the copious appendices are listed the names of approximately 5,000 known naval chaplains (of all denominations) including all Chaplains RNVR and RNR and all the temporary chaplains who served during the First and Second World Wars.

  • The Ship – Steam Steel and Torpedoes


    The Ship is a unique series of ten books about the development of merchant vessels and specialized vessels of war, from the earliest times to the present day. Steam steel and torpedos is the eighth book of the seies and deals with the development of the warship in the 19th century.

  • The Sky was always blue


    First Edition. foreword by author, list of illustrations and index. Black-and-white photographic frontispiece, of the author as Commander-in-chief, Portsmouth. The text is illustrated with another 22 black-and-white photographs. Blue coloured boards with gilt coloured titles. The reminiscences of the author, of 50 years of naval service.

  • The Struggle For Europe – The Second World War


    An endeavoure to explain how the present situation came about,how and why the Western Allies, while gaining military victory,suffered poitcal defeat.

  • The Tribals


    The Tribal class destroyers possibly saw more action over a longer period of time, and over a greater distance of the globe, than any other destroyer. They took part in almost every Home Fleet and Mediterranean action, the D-Day operations, the East Indies, the South-West amphibious landings, the battle for Leyte gulf, the surrender of Japan and the Korean War. This book offers a biography of each of the 27 vessels that made up the Tribal class. Technical details are provided, together with lists of commanding officers and pennant numbers. With more than 100 photographs, and in addition, every ship’s crest is also illustrated.

  • The U.S. Navy – A History


    This book describes the history of the Navy from its early beginnings and throughout history. The Navy participation in the wars and how they helped with the victory’s.

  • U333 The story of a U-Boat Ace


    Out of 820 U-Boats, 718 were destroyed in action; out of 39,000 men, only 7,000 survived the war. What gives flesh to these horrifying statistics is this account by Peter ‘Ali’ Cremer. He was one of the thre senior U-boat commanders to survive.

  • War at Sea 1914-45


    Covers all the major sea battles of the First and Second World Wars and the development of naval strategies

  • War at Sea in the Ironclad Age (Cassell History of Warfare)


    Fascinating history charts the development of these warships from the first French floating batteries to the famous dreadnoughts and gives all manner of lessons to navies today as they wrestle with the challenges of rapidly changing technology.

  • Warrior – Restoring the worlds first Ironclad


    Launched in 1860, Warrior was the first ever iron-hulled, sea-going armoured ship, and for a number of years was the most powerful warship in the world. By a fluke of history the ship also survived to be the last of the broadside ironclads, and was rescued from an obscure existence as a refuelling hulk in West Wales to become the subject of the most ambitious ship restoration project ever mounted. To satisfy the modelmaker, enthusiast and technical historian, the book is illustrated in depth with many of the plans drawn up for the reconstruction, as well as numerous photographs of the ship and her fittings taken during her service career and during reconstruction.

  • Warrior – The first modern battleship


    History and detail of the ship. With a foreward by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh K.G., K.T.