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  • A Century of Cross Channel Passenger Ferries


    Careful selection of photos taken over 100 years of channel steamers. Very many photos in black and white.

  • American Ferry Boats


    Story of the ferries and ferrymen who transported passengers and goods across American waterways.

  • Origins, Orient and Oriana


    The development of ships to the stage of the ocean liner but the entire history of his own Orient Company, whose fleet were always considered to maintain the highest standards in the Australian trade, together with the story of the family who operated it and their financial fortunes, whilst it deals with their sailing ships which preceded and for some time, ran in parallel with the steamers.

  • Super-Ferries of Britain and Europe


    Major ferries now operate even on relatively short-haul routes, familiar to European holidaymakers and regular travellers alike, offering high standards of service and interior decoration. Such vessels are, however, first and foremost ships, many operated by companies with an illustrious record in the history of maritime development.Russell Plummer examines the rise of the ‘super-ferry’ by looking in turn at the operators and the ships themselves, giving full specifications for each vessel and many of the new buildings for which orders have been placed and which will take to the water in the next decade. Each vessel over 12,000 tons is described – mostly from the author’s first-hand experiences – for the new ships are as different and individual as the routes that they serve. The Herald of Free Enterprise disaster focused attention on safety concerns and although she was not herself a ‘super-ferry’, the results of the inquiry into her tragic sinking are analysed carefully.