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  • 300 Years – Devotion to Duty


    Story of the Devonport Dockyard. Black and white photos and illustrations.

  • Aircraft Carriers


    black and white photos.

  • American Landmarks – The Lighthouse


    Photo review of over 100 colour and black and white coastal region of American lighthouses.

  • Britain’s Naval Heritage


    An excellent general introduction to what the Royal Navy is all about, not only for the general reader but also for school leavers and other young people interested in making the service their career.

  • British Marine Painting


    An introduction to british marine paintings. Black and white illustrations.

  • Buckler’s Hard Maritime Museum & Beaulieu River


    The pictorial history of Bucker’S Hard. And the maritime museum Beaulieu River, Hants.- England 1966

  • Guide to Maritime Britain


    National Maritime Museum Guide to Maritime Britain, definitive guide to Britains great maritime heritage. Region by region account of the maritime seafaring nation. Many illustrations.

  • Hadfield’s British Canals – Eighth Edition


    The Inland waterways of Britain and Ireland.

  • Heritage of Sea Power


    The Island of Portsea and its Naval Dockyard has played a permanent part in the history of England throughout the ages. This book hopes to remind citizens and friends of Portsmouth of the great heritage of this Naval City.

  • Leontyne – By Barge from London To Vienne


    Leontyne is an old Thames Tug and its tale of dream fulfilled. Story of its epic journey across the Channel and into Europe, from London to Vienna, by Water. With coloured photographs.

  • Londons Canal – The History of the Regents Canal


    Includes 26 plans and drawings from original sources and 30 photos. of the canal today by the author.

  • Maritime England – The Nation’s Heritage


    The author paints a picture of Englands seashore and Islands. With a more reflective level he writes on preserving the past, in a maritime sense, in the London region and in the rest of England.

  • Ports Around the World


    Beautifully illustrated, history of the world’s greatest ports, their growth, importance in our economic and cultural life today.

  • South Coast Pleasure Steamers


    History of pleasure steamers from the earliest days of steam to the present time. Its belived to be complete and covers the whole south coast west of Deal which which normally the limit of the London steamers. Black and white photos.

  • Spithead – The Navys Anvil


    An account of the Spithead anchorage and Fortress Portsmouth dealing with invasion, sea power, land power, gunnery, armour, ballistics, ship construction and the science of fortification both in attack and defence over a thousand years as reflected in generations of effort to protect the anchorage and facilities on which mighty sea power depended.

  • The Naval Heritage of Portsmouth


    This major study of the relationship between the Senior Service and the City of Portsmouth is the story of a vital partnership which has endured sice the very beginnings of the Royal Navy itself.

  • Victorian and Edwardian Canals from old photographs


    Introductions and commentaries by D. D. Gladwin. A good read for the Canal enthusiast which covers canals through the geographical rang of Scotland, England & Wales

  • War Planes of the Second World War – Floatplanes Volume Six


    This volume includes details, photographs and drawings of more than sixty types of floatplanes produced by a dozen countries. Black and white illustrations.