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  • A Heritage of Ships – A Regional Guide


    More than 20 museums are covered in detail,each chapter is illustrated with a wealth of unusual photographs.

  • Admiralty Manual of Navigation Volume II – with dust jacket


    Describes off shore navigation, safe conduct of a ship across the open sea where in general bearings of objects on land cannot be obtained except by means of radio waves. First chapters are mainly concerning distances, course, tracks and charts, then various methods of obtaining position lines and positions form astronomical observations are explained including a rapid method in the last chapter. Also contains an outline of meteorology and weather forecasting.

  • Admiralty Manual of Seamanship. Volume I


    Volume II containing technical detail and is a general textbook and reference book for ratings seeking advancement and for junior officers. Split into four chapters Part 1 Ship Knowledge and Safety. Part 2. Seamanship. Part 3 Ship Organisation and Part 4. Shiphandling and Navigation.

  • Admiralty Manual of Seamanship. Volume II


    Book for seamanship for officers and men joining the Royal Navy but also useful for all who put to sea in ships and boats. Reference to designs of ships their equipment and its scope. Includes ships safety and firefighting. Man made fibre cordage and handling splicing of ropes boats and their handling and sailing. Split into four chapters Part 1 Ship Knowledge and Safety. Part 2. Seamanship. Part 3 Ship Organisation and Part 4. Shiphandling and Navigation.

  • Bless our Ship – Mountbatten and the Kelly


    This book explores the brief career of the HMS Kelly. It tells the saga of the Kelly, a destroyer as handsome as her captain with whom she will always be associated, and which grew into a legend even before the war was over.

  • Book of Naval Obituaries


    This work contains one hundred biographies which were published in “The Daily Telegraph” during the past twenty years – men of the Navy, Marines and Fleet Air Arm, as well as the merchant fleet. They include such heroes as the Atlantic convoy commander Peter Gretton and the submariner Godfrey Place, VC; the yachtsman and U-boat hunter Stan Darling as well as the corvette commander Charles Cuthbertson, model for the captain in The Cruel Sea. Bill Sparks, the cockleshell hero, and Derek Pounds, who fought behind the lines in Korea, represent the pluck of the Marines while “Hooch” Williamson, who led the attack on Taranto, and Ken Pattison, who had the best claim to have sunk the Bismarck, demonstrate all the dash of the FAA. Written with humour and insight, here are tales of the derring-do, skilled seamanship and steady judgement which characterises the Senior Service.

  • Britain’s Naval Heritage


    An excellent general introduction to what the Royal Navy is all about, not only for the general reader but also for school leavers and other young people interested in making the service their career.

  • Britains modern Royal Navy


    Once the world’s largest and most powerful naval force, the Royal Navy is now moving towards the second division as regards the number of ships, bu it has managed to maintain its position as number one in training, personnel and professionalism. The challenge for the Royal Navy as it moves towards the 21st century is to maintain that credibility in the face of defence cuts and changing commitments. This is a detailed survey of the Senior Service as it is today and how it has been shaped by events since the end of World War II. Present-day equipment, operations and personnel are all documented, together with the anticipated changes yet to come in all these areas.

  • Buckler’s Hard Maritime Museum & Beaulieu River


    The pictorial history of Bucker’S Hard. And the maritime museum Beaulieu River, Hants.- England 1966

  • Build your Own Boat – Building and Fitting-out for sail or power


    Building and fitting out for sail or power. Covers, Building time, delivery of a hull, moulding process, working with fibreglass, floors, keels, deck finishes, cabin, interior, furniture, doors, weather boards, skylights, engine installation, plumbing, galley, even toilets.

  • Carrier – A guided tour of an Aircraft Carrier


    A rare insider’s look at life aboard the greatest weapon ever created…the aircraft carrier.Tom Clancy is your guide on a mind-blowing tour of the US Navy’s crown jewel, meeting its crew, viewing its aircraft and understanding why it dominates the high seas. Floating cities manned by thousands, aircraft carriers are the lynchpin of any military strategy, for the air superiority they enable has been the key to every battle fought since World War I

  • Command At Sea – Great fighting Admirals from Hawke to Nimitz


    All the admirals here depicted-six British, two French and two American-were men extraordinarily able to deal successfully with problems and decisions outside the range of their predecessors.

  • Examples in electrical calculations


    This book was originally writen to provide Naval students of electrical technology with a collection of worked examples and carefully graded sets of exersises covering the scope of many electrical examinations in the Navy.

  • Jack Aubrey Commands – An Historical Companion to the Naval World oF Patrick O’Brian


    Examines the naval fiction of Patrick O’Brian, Marryat and Forester within the context of the naval fact of Nelson, Cochrane and St. Vincent. fully illustrated in colour with plans, drawings and engravings & maps including the artwork of Geoff Hunt RSMA.

  • Marine – A Guided tour of a marine expeditionary unit


    An in-depth look at the United States Marine Corps-in the New York Times bestselling tradition of Submarine, Armored Cav, and Fighter Wing Only the best of the best can be Marines. And only Tom Clancy can tell their story–the fascinating real-life facts more compelling than any fiction. Clancy presents a unique insider’s look at the most hallowed branch of the Armed Forces, and the men and women who serve on America’s front lines. Marine includes: An interview with the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Charles “Chuck” Krulak The tools and technology of the Marine Expeditionary Unit The role of the Marines in the present and future world An in-depth look at recruitment and training Exclusive photographs, illustrations, and diagrams

  • National Maritime Museum Guide to Maritime Britain


    National Maritime Museum “Guide to Maritime. Britain is the definitive guide to Britain’s great maritime’ heritage. It : is a. region-by-region account of the maritime, history of this seafaring nation. In the company. of one of Britain’s leading yachting journalists circumnavigate the British Isles, exploring en route places of maritime significance.

  • Naval Air Power – The Complete History


    This title is an illustrated guide to the development of the aircraft as an instrument of naval power from its inception in the early 20th century to the modern day. Naval warfare was transformed by airpower, but it was a hit and miss process. The Royal Navy pioneered the use of aircraft carriers during World War I, but famously lost Prince of Wales and Repulse to land based Japanese bombers in 1941. From the early days of airships and bi-planes, the carrier planes of the Pacific to the very latest in carrier based strike aircraft, and anti-submarine helicopters, Bernard Ireland reveals how airpower has revolutionized naval warfare.

  • Naval Aircraft of World Wars I and II


    This title features a directory of over 70 aircraft with 330 identification photographs. It includes Shipborne fighters, bombers, flying boats and naval planes, including the Curtiss Helldiver, Mitsubishi Zero-Sen, Supermarine Seafire, Fairey Swordfish, Grumman F6F Hellcat, Mitsubishi Zero and Vought F4U Corsair. It examines the history and evolution of naval aircraft, from the first flights launched from ships and their pioneering role in World War I to the rise of naval airpower during World War II, with special reference to Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Raid and the Battle of Midway.

  • Naval Armament


    Upto date guide of Strategic, Anti-Ship, Surface to Air Missiles, Ordnance, Torpedoes, Anti-Submarine weapons

  • Naval Cannon


    This survey of the armament of wooden sailing men-of-war and other vessels deals with the surviving examples of cast brass, wrought iron ordnance, including the guns and carronades of the Victory at Trafalgar.

  • Naval Electrical Pocket Book


    Intended primarily for the self education of junior electrical ratings in general electrical subjects, it does, however, contain much information which it is hoped will be useful to Electrical Officers and senior ratings.

  • Naval Miscellany


    Being a collection by a sailor of impeccable nautical qualities of the many and varied facts and myths of the sea. Full of salty yarns about ancient heroes and savage pirates, rowdy songs, dastardly u-boats, signal flags, grog and everything else.

  • Our Navy for a thousand years


    A concise account of all the principal operations in which the British Navy has been engaged from the reign of King Alfred.

  • Paul Jones – Founder of the American Navy Volume II


    (1971)Numerous biographers of Paul Jones do not agree in their estimates of the motives that prompted the Commodore to let the AlIiance go so easily when he had in his hands full power to stop her, at all hazards. Most of them take the view that he was actuated wholly by impulses of humanity that he knew or believed Landais, backed and encouraged as he was by Arthur Lee, would make the effort to get out in defence of the French authorities.