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  • China Tea Clippers


    The history of the China tea clippers is examined in this book, especially their struggle in the 19th century for economic survival in the face of the steamships. It also details the advances made in design, hull construction, rigging, sail plans and deck arrangements.

  • Destroyers at War


    The author gives an exciting impression of what it was like to captain, crew and fight in destroyers, on the bridge and below deck. Black and white illustrations.

  • Great Classic Sailing Ships


    Forty of the worlds most famous sailing ships with original paintings by the celebrated Dutch artist Cornelis de Vries. Ships such as Cutty Sark, HMS Victory, USS Constitution.

  • No Passing Glory


    The full and authentic biography of Group Captain Cheshire.

  • Sail & Steam


    A century of seafaring enterprise 1840-1935. Photographs from The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

  • Sailing Days


    South coast sailing.

  • Ship recognition – Warships


    Photos of ships

  • Soverign Of The Seas


    The story of British Maritime Sea Power and its effect. Illustrations.

  • Spirit of Sail


    Life aboard the ship, colour photos.

  • The Charting of the Oceans


    Traces the history of charts not as technical documents but as witnesses to the discovery of the world beyond Europe and to man’s evolving knowledge of the oceans

  • The End of the Sailing Navy


    The first part of a 2 part series, that looks nostalgically but factually at the nature of the developments that saw that modernisation of Victoria’s Fleet. The period covered is 1830 to 1870 with four specific subjects, technological development, new tyoe of professional sailor, The Royal Family’s Interest and an account of sea power in action at the time.

  • The Last of the Windships


    Superb photographic record of the last of the wind ships. Extracts from published works by A. Villiers, text by Bail Greenhill. This book is a unique visual record with extracts taken from the best of Alan Villiers many books about his voyages.

  • The Log of the Cutty Sark


    A History of one of Britain’s most famous ship tea and wool clipper The Cutty Sark. With illustrations and plans.

  • The Mary Rose


    The raising of the Mary Rose is the culmintaion of a massive eleven- year excavation that will completely transform our knowlage of the 16th century. Her sinking in 1545 was both sudden and unexpected

  • The Romance of Tall Ships


    Beautiful photographs of ship. Over 100 illustrated with photos. Contains a concise history of tall ships includes the sailing ships of the modern era. Fully explains technical terms.

  • The Tall Ship In Art


    Super book on 5 marine artists:- Roy Cross, Derek Gardner, John Groves, Geoff Hunt and Mark Myers.

  • Yachts on Canvas


    Artists images of yachts from the seventeenth century to the present day. Coloured illustrations throughout.