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  • Early Solent Steamers


    A history of local steam navigation. Black and white photos. This copy is signed by the author on the front endpaper.

  • Fighting Ships in the age of steam


    A Selection of true stories of famous steam warships, which were intorduced tentatively in the Crimean War

  • German Navy Warships 1939 – 1945


    An illustrated record of all the major fighting ships and support ships of the Kriegsmarine in World War 2. Photographs, basic data and 1:1200 scale drawings of the principal ships and classes.

  • Navies of the West


    Navies of the West examines the vessels that comprise fleets of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, West Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK and UDSA. Informed and informative, giving a concise reference and guide to the strengths and weaknesses of Western Warship Design.

  • Origins, Orient and Oriana


    The development of ships to the stage of the ocean liner but the entire history of his own Orient Company, whose fleet were always considered to maintain the highest standards in the Australian trade, together with the story of the family who operated it and their financial fortunes, whilst it deals with their sailing ships which preceded and for some time, ran in parallel with the steamers.

  • Race Under Sail


    Sail training association races, rules, entrants, results and prizes. Black and white photos throughout.

  • Sail & Steam


    A century of seafaring enterprise 1840-1935. Photographs from The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

  • South Coast Pleasure Steamers


    History of pleasure steamers from the earliest days of steam to the present time. Its belived to be complete and covers the whole south coast west of Deal which which normally the limit of the London steamers. Black and white photos.

  • The Battleships


    Before the nuclear bomb, the only weapon that evoked fear and veneration was the battleship. This book unveils the epic saga of power, international politics and one-up-manship that led to the titanic wars of the 20th century. Spanning almost two centuries, from the Battle of Trafalgar to the end of World War II, this book examines the rapid evolution of firepower and battleship design from canvas to steam; timber to steel armour; muzzle loading cannons to 18-inch guns, and beyond to rocket launchers and missiles. As the spearhead of colonial expansion the battleship reigned supreme, but as each new man-of-war came off the slipway, the world became a more dangerous place.

  • The Steam Yachts


    black and white photos, drawings,