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  • Amphibious Assault Falklands – The Battle of San Carlos Water


    Since he was in charge of the amphibious operations in the Falklands War, it goes without saying that there is no one better qualified to tell the story of that aspect of the campaign than Commodore Michael Clapp. Here he describes, with considerable candour, some of the problems met in a Navy racing to war and finding it necessary to recreate a largely abandoned operational technique in a somewhat ad hoc fashion. During the time it took to go south some sense of order was imposed and a not very well defined command structure evolved, this was not done without generating a certain amount of friction. He tells of why San Carlos Water was chosen for the assault and the subsequent inshore operations. Michael Clapp and his small staff made their stand an can claim a major role in the defeat of the Argentine Air and Land Forces.

  • Battle for the Falklands 2 Naval Forces


    April 2 1982, substantial forces of Argentine Marines, with heavy naval and air support, had invaded the Falkland islands, quickly and almost bloodlessly overwhelming a token garrison of Royal Marines. The following day Argentine forces also invaded the Falklands dependency of South Georgia, forcing the garrison of just 22 Royal Marines to surrender – though not before they had inflicted disproportionately heavy losses on their attackers.

  • Sea Combat of the Falklands – The lessons must be learned


    Britain’s successful war with Argentina to repossess the Falklands witnessed the largest combined sea and air battles fought since the Second World War. The courage of Royal Navy commanders, sailors and pilots was put to a severe test on more than one occasion and was never found wanting. But there were tragic losses of men and ships and there remain disturbing questions which need to be answered.

  • Task Force – The inside story of the ships and Heroes of the Royal Navy


    Tracks the Navy’s metamorphosis with dramatic first-person testimonies from those involved in some of the greatest British naval operations of the twentieth century: the Battle of Jutland in 1916 in which Britain lost 5,672 men, the epic campaigns of World War II and into modern times .

  • Weapons of the Falklands Conflict


    Description of weapons and weapon systems used by both sides used during the conflict together with analysis of their effectiveness .