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  • Emma Hamilton – Norah Lofts


    Born a poor country girl of immense charm, wit, kindness and ambition, Emma Hamilton becomes the wife of connoisseur and antiquarian Sir William Hamilton, then meets and falls in love with the darling of the British public–the small, brave and unspectacular Horatio Nelson. With extraordinary sensitivity, author Nora Lofts has captured the the changing, volatile, and intriguing character of Emma Hamilton. Loft’s lucid narrative is enhanced by selections from Emma’s letters and many portraits by the talented painters of her time.

  • Horatio Nelson – A short Biography


    Captain S W Roskill, the naval historian, calls this in his forword ” the best and fairest short account of the life and character of a man inwhome intrest never fades”

  • Life in Nelsons Navy


    This is a gripping account of how the men of Nelson’s navy lived and fought, written by the author of the ever-popular Ramage sagas. Based on years of research and reading in contemporary sources, it brings alive, in a way that few other books have done, naval shipboard life during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Every aspect is covered: the Navy’s ships and their weapons, the daily routine of officers and men, the harsh discipline and punishments, the Press Gang, the threat of disease and how the Navy sought to combat it, and the ever-present lure of prize money

  • Nelson – David Walder


    Great Britain Naval history, biography of Nelson, the admiral responsible for Britain’s naval supremacy in Europe in the early 19th century

  • Nelson The Life and Letters of a Hero


    A fascinating account of Nelson’s life, recounting his heroic rise to a glorious victory and death at Trafalgar and his long love affair with Emma Hamilton. Over 150 illustrations, prints and paintings. Vividly portray Nelson’s professional and personal life.

  • Nelsons War


    Between 1793 and 1805, Britain fought a series of naval battles against the new French Republic. In this text, Padfield throws controversial light on the battle tactics of the famous action at Camperdown, the Nile Copenhagen and Trafalgar to show just how unconventional they were

  • The Battle of Trafalgar 1805 (Conway Maritime Press)


    Examines the battle from a balanced modern perspective, interweaving eyewitness accounts and documentary evidence with a flowing narrative which takes the reader to the heart of the battle and the true conditions of naval warfare. Full coverage of events and personalities thta formed the background to Trafalgar, placing the battle within the wider context of the Napoleonic wars.

  • The Duke


    As well as defeating Napoleon at Waterloo, Wellington went on to become one of Europe’s most influential statesman and on of Britain’s most reactionary Prime Ministers. At the time of his death he was one of the country’s most respected elder statesman. This biography reports his life.

  • The Glorious First of June


    France, early summer 1794. The French Revolution has been hijacked by the extreme Jacobins and is in the grip of The Terror. While the guillotine relentlessly takes the heads of innocents, two vast French and British fleets meet in the mid-Atlantic following a week of skirmishing. After fierce fighting, both sides claim victory.

  • Trafalgar – The untold story of the greatest sea battle


    Nicholas Best is a master story teller, the author of several highly successul novels as well as serious history books. He was the FINANCIAL TIMES fiction critic for ten years and reviews regularly for the SUNDAY TIMES and TLS. In his hands the story of Trafalgar comes to life as never before. Beginning with a vivid recreation of Napoleon’s army assembling at Boulogne for the invasion of England, he tells how the French fleet joined with their Spanish allies and set out for a decisive battle with the Royal Navy. Following events through the eyes of eyewitnesses on the gundeck as well as the admiral’s cabins, he takes us to the Mediterranean and the West Indies and back to the coast of Spain as the rival fleets manoeuvre for advantage. Then follows his gripping minute-by-minute account of the actual battle: a truly murderous affair as the rival fleets trade cannon shots as point blank range.

  • Trafalgar An Eyewitness History (Penguin Classics)


    Tom Pocock vividly evokes the realities of life onboard a nineteenth-century battleship and discusses Nelson’s trubulent life and career. This edition also includes a map – biographical notes on the key figures and a bibliography.

  • Trafalgar The Nelson Touch


    The Battle of Trafalgar put an end for ever to Napoleon’s hope of invading England, and established a British supremacy at sea which lasted until the age of air power. England’s answer to the invasion threat had been to blockade Napoleon’s fleets in the ports of Europe, and in the autumn of 1805 the key had been the harbour of Cadiz. Within lay the French and Spanish; offshore the English

  • Who’s Who in Nelson’s Navy – 200 Naval Heroes


    Two hundred naval biographies in a single volume. A modern biographical dictionary of the Royal Navy in the Nelsonic era. Based on official Admiralty records, contemporary memories and modern research. Much more than a reference book. Individual characters of these men are revealed and the inner workings of the service to which they belonged emerge from their stories.