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  • Smoke Without Fire – The Swabey Case


    Swabey was arrested in 1956 for indecently assaulting another officer. It took him 17 years to be cleared and to be awarded substantial damages.

  • Submarine Boats -The beginnings of underwater warfare – Richard Compton-Hall


    Offers a detailed and well illustrated history of the early years of submarine development, a period which saw several weird & wonderful inventions as well as the submarines developed & turned into a deadly weapon of war

  • Submarines of World War 2


    Submarines of World War Two provides, for the first time in one fully-illustrated volume, accurate and comprehensive details of the 2,500 submarines of all nations that accounted for the sinking of more than 23 million tons of merchant shipping between 1939 and 1945. With over 500 photographs and line drawings, it presents an unrivaled encyclopedia of one of the great decisive weapons of the twentieth century

  • The Battle Of Trafalgar – Geoffrey Bennett


    Captain Bennett was, for many years, a serving officer in the Royal Navy as well as being one of the most highly regarded naval historians of his time. He sets the battle in the context of the world-wide struggle against Napoleon, describes the Ships, their Crews and the ‘Fighting Sail’ and Tactics of the action. In his scholarly but immensely readable account of the battle he discusses the preparatory manoeuvres and the mechanics of naval warfare, as well as the specific action of the Battle of Trafalgar, in the age of sail.

  • The Fighting Admirals – British Admirals of the Second World War


    The careers and service in during the Second World War of ten British Admirals including Cunningham, Summerville, Ramsey, Vian, Fraser, Horton and Tovey.

  • The Grand Scuttle -The Sinking of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919


    The remarkable story of the scuttling of the German archive material, eye-witness accounts and the recollections of survivors as well as many contemporary photos which capture the awesome spectacle of the finest ships of the time being deliberately sunk by their own crew.

  • The Life and Death of HMS Hood


    The story of the celebrated HMS Hood, a mighty but older warship, and her sinking by the newer German Bismark, which shocked Britain.

  • The Longest Battle – The war at sea 1939-45


    For those who fought at sea in the Second World War, the battle never ceased. The threat from the skies, from the ocean and from other warships was present twenty-four hours a day. In the words of the author, The Second World War demanded more of its sailors than any other war in history, in endurance and the unremitting need to face danger danger from increasingly lethal weapons and an ever-increasing need for vigilance by night and day.

  • The Man around the engine


    Most autobiographys are written on deck, here is one from boiler and engine room to an accompaniment of falling bombs through a steel hull.

  • The Navy At War 1939-1945


    Describing the major sea battles such as the River Plate and Matapan as well as the characteristic convoy actions of the battle of the Atlantic.

  • The Royal Navy In Focus 1940 – 1949


    Lovely collection of black and white photos of British warships with most dated on each page. Most are post world war II. This is a hardback copy of this title.

  • The Struggle For Europe – The Second World War


    An endeavoure to explain how the present situation came about,how and why the Western Allies, while gaining military victory,suffered poitcal defeat.

  • U333 The story of a U-Boat Ace


    Out of 820 U-Boats, 718 were destroyed in action; out of 39,000 men, only 7,000 survived the war. What gives flesh to these horrifying statistics is this account by Peter ‘Ali’ Cremer. He was one of the thre senior U-boat commanders to survive.

  • Uniforms & Insignia of the Navies of World War 2


    A facsimile edition of the official US Navy Intelligence manual published in World War II. A comprehensive guide to the uniforms, insignia and badges worn by the navies of the World War II period. Introduction by Andrew Mollo.

  • War at Sea 1914-45


    Covers all the major sea battles of the First and Second World Wars and the development of naval strategies

  • War At Sea 1939-1945 Edward Smithies


    The men and women who fought In the Naval war tell the story in their own words. From the grim killing grounds of the North Atlantic to the mangrove swamps of Burma.

  • Warships of the British and Commonwealth Navies


    Empire Navies, Fleet Distribution, and Destroyer Pendant Numbers.