Wars & Battles

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  • Vickers Against the Odds 1956/77


    The autobiographies of firms, house histories, can never be impartial. They should always be objective. Sir Harold Evans has written good industry as well as well as celebrating Vickers. His theme is a quarter of a century of English industrial history seen from the special standpoint of a famous company.

  • Victorian and Edwardian Ships and Harbours from old photographs


    Old photographs reproduced pictures of the ports and harbours from which the trade was conducted. The earliest pictures are those of Dublin, taken by Fox Talbot in the early 40’s, with the most recent being just before the first world war. North East continuing to the coast of Liverpool and the Irish Sea, with individual sections devoted to Wales and Scotland.

  • Victory Denied


    The Rise of Air power and the defeat of Germany 1920-45.

  • War at Sea 1939-1945 Signed Limited Edition


    In a book in which he brings to life the naval battles of WW2, he also includes no fewer than 176 world-class paintings of the ships and the actions involved.

  • War planes of the second world war – Flying Boats


    This series of handbooks contains full and accurate details of all aircraft, both operational and experimental prototypes, of all combatant countries. each aircraft is illustrated with photographs, many of which have not previously been published, and a three-view, scaled line drawing.

  • Warships & Seabattles of World War 1


    Descriptions with pictures and maps of various naval operations. Heliogoland, the Emden, Dogger Bank, the Mediterranean, Dardenells, submarine warfare, Jutland. Poor communications between Brit ships, the Admiralty and other commanders prevented the English from waging a decisive effort.

  • Warships and Navies 1973


    Articals and pictures show the ever changing pattern that is evolving in the various navys of the world.

  • Warships of the British and Commonwealth Navies


    Empire Navies, Fleet Distribution, and Destroyer Pendant Numbers.