World Navy

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  • A Pictorial History of the sea war 1939-1945


    More than 450 photos of a superb visual record of world war two. Great battle convoys between aircraft, u-boats and escorts.

  • A Source book of Submarines and Submeribles


    A Source Book of Submarines and Submersibles is mainly a summary of many of the key types in service over the years up to the publication date in 1976. Each type is supported by a single illustration and an extremely brief text description. These are placed in some kind of context by a brief history of submarines in the introduction.

  • Admiralty Navigation Manual Volume 1. 1938


    Manual was produced for the information and guidance of the Officers of His Majesty’s fleet, for this purpose this manual was compiled. This is volume 1 of 3 volumes. Pull out plans/charts/diagrams.

  • Americas Maritime Heritage


    Takes the reader back to the days when the first colonist arrived. Flowing tracks of many other ships and fishermen, whalers, traders, explorers and merchants. It describes New England shipyards and colonial commerce in Codfish and convicts.

  • Armada


    The bulk of this book concerns the 1587-8 campaign, its preperation, course and conclusion. Illustrations throughout.

  • Battleship Cruiser Destroyer


    Combined volume of 3 titles in the At War Series, life aboard the ship for captain and crew, above and below deck. Black and white photos throughout.

  • Battleships


    This lavishly illustrated book offers a concise history of the battleship from the end of the Age of Sail to the Iowa Class. Focusing on the world wars has been common in such books; this one also covers the pre-Dreadnaught era, and does it well. There are ample photos of the ships themselves, of scale models, and line drawings. The text was written by a lover of the big ships, as is evident in the section on H.M.S. Vanguard, the last British battleship, described as, “a magnificant sea boat,” that handled beautifully, without the lumbering movements of less aquadynamic vessels.

  • Captain of the Queens


    The autobiography of the former Commodore of the Cunard Line. Written in collaboration with Richard Collier. Account of lively and outspoken memories of the former Commodore of the Cunard Line, of his highlights of 50 years at sea.

  • Destroyers


    Exciting saga of the great destroyers of all the maritime powers. Photos, maps. A unique addition for anyone interested in ships and the sea.

  • Disaster at Sea


    Accidents, incidents and disasters HMS Captain, USS Memphis,Victoria and Camperdown, Vanguard and Iron Duke, Three Peacetime Collisions, Untamed and Affray, Squalus, Thetis, Thresher, Titanic, Andrea Doria and Stockholm, The Herald Disaster, Queen Mary and HMS Curacoa, Egypt and Seine, Torrey Canyon, Amoco Cadiz, The Fastnet Race 1979.

  • Fighting Ships in the age of steam


    A Selection of true stories of famous steam warships, which were intorduced tentatively in the Crimean War

  • Fighting Ships Of World War 2


    Describes fighting ships detailing their wartime careers and their design features. Many individual ships & in many cases their ends.

  • Flying Boats & Amphibians since 1945


    This book describes 12 majormulti-engined flying boats and amphibians that have been produced, in 7 different countries.

  • Former Naval Person, Churchill and the Wars at Sea


    Churchill and the wars at sea, his influences

  • German Warships of World War 2


    German warships: At the end of the first World War Germany was left with a very large and powerful Navy, but under the terms of the Armistice this was speedily disbanded. Rebuilding on a small scale began in 1921 and the Anglo-German Naval Treaty of 1934 allowed a limited tonnage to be constructed. By May 1938 Hitler had ordered a full scale rebuilding programme which he envisaged would put the Kriegsmarine ahead of the Royal navy by 1944/45

  • Guns at Sea


    Guns at sea captures the drama and excitement of naval warfare and record its history for everyone interested in the sea, in ships and in adventure. Maps and 140 illustrations.

  • Heritage of the Sea


    Details the history of 22 famous old ships, Victory, Cutty Sark, Discovery, Arethusa, Gypsy Moth IV, Belfast, Warrior, Great Britain, Cavalier, Old Caledonia, Wellington, Medway Queen, Chrysanthemum & President, Foudroyant, Kathleen & May, Caroline, Cambria, Unicorn, Gannet, Lydia Eva, Kingswear Castle, Albion and other ships, which are preserved or are being preserved (at the time of the book printing) and illustrates them in colour. For the first time the examples of this heritage of the sea are combined in one volume.

  • Life-boats and life-boats people


    Story of the Royal National Life-Boat Institution, RNLI, the boats, their crews and the people behind the scenes. Black and white photographs.

  • Maritime History of Britain and Ireland


    A comprehensive one volume account of the maritime history of the British Isles from the early Middle Ages to the dawn of the 21st century. 136 black and white illustrations.

  • Natural Gas by Sea


    The development of a New Technology. How it was developed.

  • Naval Warefare – An Illustrated History


    One of the most comprehensive accounts on this fascinating subject. Over 430 photographs, with maps and diagrams.

  • Navies of the Second Wolrd War – British Battleships and Aircraft Carriers


    This compact handbook presents a unique and very comprehensive description of all British capital ships and aircraft carriers which took part in the Second World War. Special attention has been given to wartime alterations, and the information compiled is the result of many years of research of official records and other sources. The text contains considerable notes on design background for each class of vessel, and the scope has been widened to embrace seaplane carriers and merchant aircraft carriers as well, of which the latter merit inclusion on the originality of concept alone

  • Navies of the Second World War – American Battleships, Carriers & Cruisers


    Military Studies & Warfare, Naval & Maritime Studies, World War II, Battleships

  • Navies of the Second World War – American Submarines


    In listing American submarines full details are provided of the large war programmes, including boats that were subsequently cancelled; and special attention is paid to post-war fates on which there has been little published information to date.