Wrecks & Disasters

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  • Battleship – The Loss of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse


    The disaster of the loss of the HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse in the defence of Singapore in December, 1941.

  • Disaster at Sea


    Accidents, incidents and disasters HMS Captain, USS Memphis,Victoria and Camperdown, Vanguard and Iron Duke, Three Peacetime Collisions, Untamed and Affray, Squalus, Thetis, Thresher, Titanic, Andrea Doria and Stockholm, The Herald Disaster, Queen Mary and HMS Curacoa, Egypt and Seine, Torrey Canyon, Amoco Cadiz, The Fastnet Race 1979.

  • Gold Medal Rescues


    Stunning collection of paintings, accompanied by vivid accounts and photographic records, portraying over thirty of the most daring and heroic episodes in the history of the RNLI.

  • Great Sea Disasters


    The world’s worse sea accident. Looks at the darker side of sea exploration and travel through history. Pictures over 80 accidents that shock the world.

  • Shipwrecks – Disasters of the Deep Seas


    Telling the tales of the fate of the victims, the disastrous mistakes made by ships, captains and navigators, the impossible conditions faced at sea, the courage of those who survived and the attempts to raise what now lies at the bottom of the sea.

  • The Sailor’s War 1914-18


    A fascinating read for anyone interested in the war, the sea, or men under conditions of trial and stress. With much detail of life aboard HM Ships at this time, the conditions the officers of these days lived and fought under, very different from the present day.

  • Titanic Voices


    The story of the White Star Line, Titanic and Southampton.